Pre-sale ettiquette

  1. I was in Neimans and put a Gucci purse on hold at the pre-sale. The purse was more expensive than at Gucci, so I asked the SA if they would price match. The SA said that she would call me about the price match (this is on Sat.) and I haven't heard from her. Well today I ordered the purse from Saks for about $160 less.

    Should I call them up and say that I don't want it or wait for her to call about the price match? I haven't bought things at a pre-sale before so I also don't know if I have to buy it and then return it. If I don't come in do they sell it to someone else?

    Oops. I need a spell check.
  2. oh just call her and let her know you're not interested... and that's it. If they rung it up already, you can easily, very easily return it.

    Shame on the SA for not calling you back though!!!
  3. I would call up and tell someone who works there what she did and then return it. That's rude not to call back. I guess the sale wasn't that important to her.
  4. Ok, thanks! I actually felt rude for getting the bag somewhere else, but it made me nervous when she didn't call me and I've been waiting for days for her to call.
  5. Yea winternight... you shouldn't have to be waiting for a call back, especially when dealing w/ Neimans.
  6. I totally agree! Good for you for saving $$ ! Now you can spend the money you saved on something else.:biggrin:
  7. Def. give the SA at Neiman's a call and let her know that you no longer want the bag, because she may just charge your CC, without even giving you a call back with the price match
  8. Call her to cancel so you won't have your CC charged.
  9. I think you should call just to be proper. More importantly though is to let her know WHY you chose to get it at Saks so they're careful aboout how they price their bags in the future. It's a good thing you found it at Saks for less!:biggrin:
  10. Well the update is that she called me a few days later to tell me that she charged my card for the bag with no mention of th price match. I had her cancel the sale and told her that I got the bag for less at Saks. I don't know in general I got better service at Saks during all this pre-sale madness, but it probably varies.