Pre-Sale at YSL!

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  1. I just received a call from my SA at YSL in Vegas. Their sale officially starts on the 30th, but she would sell to me and any of you if you call her before the sale. I asked her permission to post.

    Here's a couple highlights of what she has:

    Vincennes: Black, Brown, Suede, Pink (more I can't remember) for $719
    Bow Bag: Beige, Grey, White, Bronze for $569

    There's also another bag that's like the muse with long handles. Didn't ask the price.

    Shoes etc.

    I told her I would post. Her name is Adrienne and the phone# is: 702-737-3003. She's there til 4:00 today and 5-Midnight tomorrow.:yes:

    Go get 'em girls! These are great prices!
  2. Thanks so much for posting.

    Do you know if any of this fall's bags are in the sale: Muse, Rive Gauche, Anais ???
  3. Just spoke with Adrienne...Muses and Rive Gauches are NOT going onsale.

    Had to check since I just paid full price for my Rive Gauche (well, with 10% off and 10% cash back).
  4. ^^^ Thanks tabby. I figured that Muses and Rive Gauches were too popular to go on sale! (Although I did see a couple of hair-calf Muses in the Neiman Marcus presale online.) I'm still hoping that maybe the big YSL Anais tote will go on sale, because I don't think its been too popular, but I like it...
  5. Does anyone know whether the Vincennes are the large or small?
  6. It's the smaller Vincennes. I just called Adrienne to confirm.
  7. Thanks very much for the info
  8. I just got my email, hope this helps:
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  9. My friend just bought the bow bag in bronze on pre-sale! And I bought a messenger as well...damn YSL is addicting!
  10. Hi I'm fairly new here...Also in the YSL world.

    I called YSL LV for Vincennes. Do you think this would be a good bag or should go with a Muse?

    I see an Anthracite on sale at NM, but sure if it will be marked to down lower?

    Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks :smile:
  11. I really like the Vincennes - in some ways better than the Muse because it's less of an "it" bag, but I think you need to go with what YOU like the most.