Pre Price Increase purchases and ... pics...

  1. Hey Everyone!:tup:

    For the price increase, I finally splurged on the epi alma and azur organizer, which I've been dying for since azur launched last year... god, I love these two! Was so on the fence about the alma, till I read the alma thread last week, and I must admit ivorie epi is to die for in alma...

    so without further adieu, here these babies are:yahoo:

    07 total rocks!
    Post Alma and Azur.jpg Post 2 Alma and Azur.jpg
  2. Also, I got my dream bag this year, YAY!!! Which is the white MC noe, she went on her first jaunt to Hawaii with me, where she was totally babied and her vachetta started to turn gorgeous due to all the aloha spirit... I just had to post more pics of her cause I love her soooooo much! Here she is:

    Ms Gorgeous white MC petite noe. One of my favorite pieces to use! me luvs her!

    I think she also has a great color placement. She came from Neiman Marcus Las Vegas back in April!:heart:
    Post Noe.jpg Post Noe 2 .jpg
  3. Congrats! They all look fab!
  4. Thanks twink! Hooray for pre price increase, I see you got some serious serious loot, lol.. Viva Vuitton!
  5. great great bags veronika!! all are tdf!
  6. what a stunning trio ~ so refreshing!! congrats!! I love the background too (green and turtles:smile:).

    and your noe is getting a very nice tan!! oh, may I ask what the D&G piece is? looks so cute!!
  7. Thanks sweetie! I really love the silver hardware on the white epi, it's my first bag with silver hardware, and now I can use my little mini cooper bulldog charm!
  8. Fab purchases. The alma is lovely.
  9. Your epi alma and azur organizer are such gorgeous pieces! Wow, the epi alma is stunning in ivory, it looks uber classy!
  10. Looks like you had a craving for white/light bags! They're all stunning. I really like how although all of your new pieces aren't the same lines, they still match and coordinate perfectly!

    And that vachetta on your petit noe is just perfect, great idea to take it to Hawaii! Congrats!
  11. Thanks Mid! The D&G are some really hot shades I bought at Ala Moana.... very sporty and cool, that's just the case...;) When I came out of sunglass hut after purchasing them, I was intercepted by a little Israeli boy selling cosmetics, he was so cute I had to stop to talk to him, then he proceeded to tell me he was a gigolo and said I was a gorgeous woman:sweatdrop::p

    I'm like, excuse me, I'm on my way to Louis Vuitton (where I'll be spending my money and not on you!) :push:

    crazy world, huh?
  12. Love it all! All the white and light colors are so refreshing. Congrats!
  13. Thanks everyone! So fun to share with you all, everyone is soooo nice!
  14. Fabu purchases! I just bought the Alma myself (in mono, though). I love how your accessories look with the epi ivory!
  15. very nice! love everything :smile: