Pre-ownned Chanel sale in Los Angeles

  1. Hey everyone...I was reading the sales section on the Lucky Magazine website for Los Angeles and came upon this. I'm broke this time of year and won't be able to check it out...but it sounds's the info I found:

    Event Pre-owned Chanel
    Decades Two's semiannual Chanel sale is scheduled for Wednesday, November 28, through Wednesday, December 5, and features a robust selection of Chanel clothing, accessories, and handbags from the mid-1990s to 2007. Everything is priced below retail.
    8214 Melrose Ave.
    Event: Wed., Nov. 28-Wed., Dec. 5, 11:30-6 all days (except Sun., Dec. 2, 12-5)
  2. Thanks so much. I wish I wasn't across the country from this sale!:hysteric:
  3. not fair! How come we don't have such events in Florida! sad :sad:

  4. FL is sooooo behind time....I can't stand it! We are the last to get everything! :hysteric:
  5. Awww I wish I could teleport myself there!!!!!!
  6. Wow. I wish I had the time and hookups to just fly out there.
  7. decadesTWO is a great store! they always have a great selection and it changes daily. there was a two page article on them in ELLE last month. i'm so jealous that I can't make it to the Chanel event. If you are in LA, you should definetly stop by!
  8. sure wish i live in LA now....
  9. I wish i'm stayin in US.....sigh!!
  10. darn..too bad im not in LA !!!
  11. Has anyone been there yet? I am very interested to know what bags were there!
  12. ROFL!!:roflmfao: