Pre-Owned Tokis

  1. Need some advice from fellow toki-lovers before I post my gently used bag up for swap in LJ..

    While I really liked the idea of swapping; however i'm not too comfortable with owning a bag that has passed through more than 3-4 owners...would it be okay for me to include this in my T&Cs?

    I hope I do not come across as snooty :sweatdrop:

    TIA ~
  2. i think it's okay to state what you want... Just make sure u get good pics of what you'll be getting...Personally, i don't mind getting gently used bags for a really good price cuz a lot of Tokidoki lovers treat their bags well... :smile: Hope this helps!
  3. I'm sure no one would really mind~ I mean, that's a pretty understandable thing. I don't think it would come off as snooty at all~ :nogood:
  4. Why not?? I wouldn't want a bag that's passed through a bunch of people either... You never know what the past owners have done to it. I read in one of the cleaning threads that a woman's cat or pet threw up on her bag and she cleaned it... I wouldn't want that bag, even after it being cleaned - no offense to that woman!! So I say post whatever you want in your T&C's because you need to be happy with your swap!!
  5. I'm sure it will be ok. I don't think the most trades/swamps I've seen when it came to 1 bag was about 2-3 times.

    Good Luck on your post!
  6. I think it's fine to state your T&Cs up front.:okay: Rather than getting a bag that does not meet your expectations later on. Anyway, I trust that most of us tokidoki lovers are honest enough in pointing out any flaws since we know exactly how awful it would have felt if we had gotten a bag that is not as described.:yucky:
  7. I agree with everyone else. I don't think there's anything wrong with saying you don't want a bag that's been through 20 diff people. I know I would be kind of iffy about that as well, unless it's a VHTF item that I really wanted no matter what. Like what mytokiluv said, I do feel that most of us avid toki lovers would be honest enough about the condition of their bags.
  8. I must be horribly, terribly snooty... I don't like the idea of a pre-used bag AT ALL lol... Of course, I did buy one from a co-worker, but I knew her pretty well.
  9. wow that worries me (the cat throw up thing) especially since i've bought several used tokis.. i think the ones that i have now all came NWT.

    yea, since it's your trade you should decide.. but what if your perfect bag came along and it was preowned?
  10. thanks for all your inputs ladies ;)

    Since my bag is v gently used too; I definitely do not mind a bag that's preowned however I noticed in LJ that the certain bags have changed hands quite a number of times e.g 3-4 owners already...

    So I was thinking of stating in my T&C that potential swappers shld let me know how many times the bags have changed hands unless it BNWT keke...but I do not know how to phrase it w/o sounding rude..
  11. ah lol..

    i think i know what you mean. i bought a citta rosa gioco that had been owned by electronization (idk if she's on here) but i sold it to someone else 'cause i wasn't sure if i wanted to keep it. i didn't get any actual use out of it though.. same for the citta rosa campeggios and citta rosa buon viaggio i had. i was more like the middle person ;) in fact, it probably left my hands in better condition than it arrived 'cause i am a clean freak.
  12. I agree with the used bit... I've only bought 1 used bag and traded for 1 used bag in my entire collection... I only sell/trade new store bought bags (although some have been returnees but there's nothing you can really do about that)... annnnd I think it's important to double check on condition. I mean you wouldn't want to pay or trade unequal items IMHO it's one-sided and it's not fair