Pre-owned speedy 25 ?

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  1. Hi everyone, as some of you might know, I'm a newbie to the forum and to LV . I just bought a 08 speedy 25 in DA for $400. The bag is clean overall. But there are some fading on the blue squares near the zipper part. Is this common in LV damier Azur? And do you think $400 is a good deal on the bag..?
    Thanks guys
  2. For me it's hard to say without actually seeing the condition of the bag itself. For me there's several factors in what I will pay. I think everyone pretty much has their own. Could you post or link some pictures? Gratz on you first purchase!! :smile:
  3. Yes, pictures would help!
  4. +1:smile:
  5. Pictures would help but blue on the damier azur is usually color transfer