pre-owned lv store in hongkong

  1. hi girls...i might go to hk this june and i heard that there are some stores which sell pre-owned you know of any?? thanks so much in advance :smile:
  2. there are plenty!

    go to causeway bay or tsim sha tsui (shopping madness districts!!)

    look for stores called "milan station" or "france station"..they sell pre-owned bags and sometimes new releases for cheaper price! 2
  3. do they sell authentic ones??? :smile:
  4. they're 100% authentic!
    they dont deal with fakes.
  5. some of the eBay sellers from Hong Kong have actual stores there. I believe authentic_lvlady(I think that is her name). I bought several items from her a few years ago and they were all authentic. They smelled like moth balls though, I think this is an issue in Hong Kong.
  6. A lot of things can go wrong with the humid weather; my relatives have to store these little packets with their clothing to prevent them from getting damaged from the humidity. And yes, every time I go there and store my clothes in their dressers my clothes smell too :push:
  7. i don't think authentic_lvlady has an actual brick and mortar store. in fact, i just asked her about it recently and she said "no". but definitely check out milan station for 2nd hand goods. sometimes it's hit or miss there.
  8. let me know when you get here and i'll take you to my favorite "stations." they are great. especially if you have the time to browse and look around.
  9. you must go to the milan station in causeway bay! It's LOADED with LVs and birkins!! You will regret it if you don't go there. I snatched my mc trouville within 2 minutes of shopping in that store.
  10. I hope to find a Klara or a Mizi in one of those stations!

    How is the limited bag selection there?
  11. Have a great trip!
  12. oh, if there is a mitzi, i 'need' one. oh yes. i do.
  13. or a klara. hell, pm me and i will SEND you money!