Pre-owned Dolma Day!

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  1. I would love a day and especially in Dolma, but it does look to be a bit beat up. Seems like a challenge to restore her???
  2. Ooh... dark handles, well it would be worth restoring if it doesn't go up too much more...
  3. well that things been used and abused hasnt it...I would love to see it brand new! Great weekend/running errands bag.
  4. good luck, jdy!! what a purdy color...and a steal!!!
  5. I just saw this :wtf: and I want a Dolma so badly good for me that I can't stand dark handles if not I would have gone all :drool: .
    I really hope to find my perfect Dolma in the beginning of 07!!!

    Good Luck jdy!
  6. i have that exact same bag. it's a great colour, matches everything. mine's not as beat up but i have used it so much that the handle has started to get dark. does anyone know if anything can be done to restore it?
  7. Just reading another listing here in Achtung that is nothing but negative. If you think the bag is not for you then just don't bid.
  8. Ditto. The fact that someone posts here means a bag was of some interest to someone, and they thought it could be of further interest to someone else. And the starting price is low enough. Not to mention it's a fellow PFer's auction.
  9. Its funny - I keep going back to the pictures and I think its gorgeous. The colour's faded beautifully, and yea the handle is dark but the handles get like that. The strap on my Rouille Day is turning dark, and I guarantee you its not because I have disgustingly dirty hands. I'm OCD germaphobic.

    Sorry - I went a bit OT there didn't I? If you don't like it, don't bid. Good luck judy!
  10. Thanks everyone! The darkening looks to me like its only on the underside so I'm pretty sure it's just color transfer from rubbing on dark colored clothes. My rouille is like that too since I refuse to carry it by hand in fear that it'll darken. Oh the irony! lol
  11. I certainly never meant to imply that this bag is disgusting in ANY way. The handles are dark and the bag does look like it would need some restoration. Still an excellent price for an a gorgeous color on a very useful style. I don't think anyone is implying anything else. Discussing the state of the bag is not negative, is it???

    Good luck on your auction jdy.:smile:
  12. ^^^I do think what you said was negative~ sorry but I do.
  13. I think it's gorgeous!
  14. That's fine.:yes: Then we can agree to disagree.

    I still think the bag is very fairly priced and well worth the restoration. If my post is being taken as being negative, I apologize to jdy. It is certainly not my intention in any way shape or form to disparage any PF'ers auctions as I myself own 7 bbags - 5 of which have been purchased through ebay from very sweet and gracious members here. Any member who knows me knows that I mean what I say.