Pre-owned Chanels

  1. Does it bother you if you buy a pre-owned Chanel bag off eBay (or anywhere else) and the bag doesn't come with a box, authenticity card or dustbag?

    Even if the bag appears authentic does that make you suspicious?

    Also, would you avoid a bag w/o the box, dustbag and card merely because it feels incomplete?

  2. It does bother me a little but there are some consignment stores that I always look at and trust that it is authentic. It does make me a little suspicious at times but I ask fellow TPFs and do the research. if its a great deal, Id go for it. Currently, Im debating whether I should buy a Chanel Vintage Tote from Anns. =\ humm...

    If its a vintage bag, i think its okay that it comes without the box, dustbag and etc..but if its a more recent bag, i do feel incomplete with it and would probably not get it.
  3. As long as I know it's authentic and I got a good price for it, it doesn't bother me. If I pay retail or close to it I expect it all.

    I've been buying designer bags for many years and only recently (since I realized they can be resold) have I begun to hold on to the authenticity cards.
  4. I guess it's a trade off. Bargain gorgeous bag w/o the extras or full price bag with the extras.
  5. Ahhhh, so until recently you've been discarding the authenticity cards. So its not that unusual for bags to be w/o the extra stuff.
  6. I feel a tad better with all the trappings: card, box, dust cover but a good deal is a good deal. Early on I didn't give a rat's tail about the auth card, but since there are so many fakes, it might make reselling it more difficult.
  8. I haven't bought anything off eBay but I really think it is tacky for the seller NOT to give you the bag and box. They get it when then bought the bag so I think it should also go with the bag when they sell it. Don't ever pay extra for that stuff. There are plenty of nice SAs who will give it to you for free!
  9. Really, SAs will give dustbags and boxes for free just by asking or do you already need to have a relationship with an SA?
  10. I am bothered if the bag came without an authenticity card.. :shame: I think its harder for me to re-sell it in the future when i need to raise funds for a new bag. :amuse:
  11. I presume it does bothers me.. I don't shop on ebay..b'cos of these issues arises from authencity card/ play safe I rather pay more for the peace of my mind at Chanel boutiques
  12. as for the boxes...every 1 bag comes with 1 box...dun think they have the spares..doesn't make sense to order "extra" sell /or give to customers....any1 can verify this??
  13. i don't mind about the box and dust bag, but would need the card.
  14. I feel incomplete buying handbags without boxes, dustbags and cards.. It feels awkward.. But who can resist a reasonable bargain price temptation, eh?
  15. Since I buy vintage Chanel for my pleasure and use, my main concern is authenticating it to my satisfaction. I don't plan to resell my bags which is why I'd rather a great price for vintage than all the trappings.

    It's great to have a dust bag for storage tho'. Then again plain pillow cases work just as well.