Pre-Owned Chanel Medium flapbag for less than 2500USD? Possible or not?

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I was just wondering that is it possible to find a pre-owned Chanel Medium flapbag in caviar leather (black) that's in a very good condition or am I destined for a fail? I don't own Chanel and I have no idea how much should a pre-owned Medium in a very good condition cost? I've seen some Medium's that are selling even for less or around the 2500USD mark but lots of them are not in the best quality or shape.
    Any info is much appreciated :smile::heart:
  2. Answer is yes. You can find one in very good and even like new condition. But it may be hard getting it for the amount you are asking. A usual classic flap in excellent condition will sell close to retail and slightly less, unless there's something wrong with it or may be missing things like dusting or authenticity card.
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  3. Thanks for your input :smile: I am seeing Medium bags but they're all rated 7/10 'good condition', I guess I would have to pay a bit more to get a very good quality condition?
  4. Good condition Caviar will cost at minimum low to mid 4,000's with most being high 4,000. If you go with Lambskin, you can find a flap in excellent condition at your price point.
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  5. Hi Shiri, it's definitely possible to get it for close to $2500. I'll use my personal experience as an anecdote...

    I was on the hunt for a medium caviar flap in either black, white, beige or red. Most pre-loved bags that are in very good condition were $3500+. I stayed away from like new, because the discount was only a few hundred and I'd rather buy brand new for such a small savings. I checked yoogi and fashionphile every day (I know there are other reputable re-sellers, but I have the most experience with these two companies and they tend to be reputable). I found a red caviar in very good condition on yoogi once for $3000, but missed out on it because I wanted to have its authenticity checked before purchasing. It came back positive, but someone else had already purchased. About a month ago, I saw a white caviar in very good condition on fashionphile for $2585, it seemed almost too good to be true. The corners were still perfect. There were some marks in the interior, but I didn't care about that. This time, I purchased it any way before checking authenticity (kind of scary!). I paid with my gold american express and utilized google protection for $1000 of the price. I had the lovely ladies on here verify its authenticity and also sent the bag itself into Etinceler - it's authentic!

    So, yes it's definitely possible. You just have to be really diligent and be willing to wait a while. I didn't go in with a $2500 expectation. Mine was ~$3000 for very good condition (which for me was no to minimal marks on the outside, some marks on the inside). Also another note is that fashionphile's "very good," to me at least, is closer to "like new." And because I'm in PA, the price was $2585, no taxes!

    Happy hunting!
  6. I was always under the impression that Caviar is the cheaper one out of those two leather types! :O Good to know this though!
  7. I'm going to share my 2 cents here about my experience hunting for one.

    I agree with Yunedo that it's still possible to find one for $2kish, but chances are slim. For example, Fashionphile have sold many classic medium flap >3k >4K in black caviar. They won't likely lower the starting price point near 2k. Unless there are big defects or different leather or different color. Even without dust bag, box, or card. I also tried the waiting game until 30% off, but usually bags I'm interested in were sold out at 10%! The black caviar classic double flap is such a popular combo that they can pull off high prices. I've been hunting for at least 1 year on Fashionphile until I purchased one medium in caviar with gold hardware for $3200 in excellent condition but had one major abrasion on flap. When I inspected it in person, it was hardly noticeable, so I kept it. I think about 3 weeks ago, I saw them posted black medium caviar for $3200 but with moderate structural loss. Usually low 3k is around the best price point I've seen on Fashionphile. When you see one in $3k, buy the heck out of it and think about it at home because it won't last a week on the site.

    Best of luck.

    Another way is not to purchase from reseller, but it's riskier.
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  8. Possible
    But got to search hard
    Most importantly get it authenticate
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  9. I think color makes a big difference. If you're definitely looking for black, you're going to pay upwards of $3k for a used caviar flap. If you didn't mind a different color - brown, white, etc. - you could probably find something in your price point.
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  10. I agree with everyone. It seems the price of the black caviar flap in GHW is increasing in value in the preloved market. Last year when I was hunting down one, I was able to find some in very good conditions on eBay for about $3-3500k. I was very lucky I found mine at $2800 and it was in like new condition on eBay. I bought it so fast, didn't even think just hit the buy it now button and then email questions afterward. That was the cheapest price I found after one year of hunting it down. Good luck with your hunt. It is possible but very very slim though if you want it in very good condition.
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  11. Thanks for the help ladies! :heart:
    I gather that I have a far better chance of getting a Chanel perhaps in Beige and in lambskin for less than 2500USD..maybe I will go for that option but will still
    keep an eye for the Black in caviar!