Pre-Owned Beige Rose Croc Birkin

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  1. Not sure if this is supposed to be post in the regular section or the Shopping section. Got an email from Createurs*De*Luxe this morning. She has these bags for sale:

  2. the same eMail but I wasn't able to see the bags on-line yet. I wonder if you just have to email her with questions or something....
  3. You posted correctly Kou! Thank you for the info!
  4. ShopMom, I hadn't checked online yet. I know that sometimes it takes a while to show up on her websites and her eBay stores. I'm curious about the beige rose one though.
  5. Yay!!!!:yahoo: I've always wanted to post what I see in newsletters, it's a great feeling when a fellow member ends up buying the bag because of these notices:flowers:
  6. Oh dear god.. that rouge h box calf birkin sounds absolutely delicious!
  7. *nudge nudge* get it get it!
  8. I think the Rouge H box calf Birkin is on her website though.
  9. It's on eBay already, I posted it on the eBay finds thread.
  10. ^ dee-lish! She always gets the best bags.
  11. I wonder how many H bags that she uses regularly ...:love:
  12. I've only ever seen beige-rose in glazed, I've got a suspicion it wouldn't look as beautiful matte????
  13. I think both beige rose and baby rose look better matte.:yes:
  14. I would love one of those pre -owned beiges :love: did she list a price?
  15. She doesn't have it on the email. Now I'm curious too!! Something that will be soooo TDF!
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