Pre-owned Bbags vs. New Bbags

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  1. Hi Bbag experts...

    I am a total novice on Bbags but have recently fell in love with them. They're just gorgeous!!! Quick question and please pardon my lack of knowledge, but I am just curious to know why are people buying used Bbags on eBay for close to (or sometimes over) $1,000 and/or retail price, when you can purchase a brand new one from Aloharags for just a little bit more (with no taxes and free shipping)? Is it because people like the specific year and/or color that the Bbag was made? or... ? Thank you for your time! :rolleyes:
  2. hi yumcarrots, and welcome to the forum :smile:
    i happen to like pre-owned b bags because they're already used and the leather's become more softer and beautiful. which is the case with b bags, they got better with age.
    and i also think lots of people buy pre-owned, because they're looking for the old colours...
    and i also have a thing with "pre-owned" items :P
    i just love them when they are used as i also prefer my lv to be used and the vachetta turned to patina :yes:
  3. Thanks, seahorseinstripes, for your clarification! :smile:

    I guess I have never felt a pre-owned Bbag before. I know the new ones I saw in NM aren't as soft and smooshy as they're usually decribed as.... so maybe that's the reason why some people preferred pre-owned (and of course, the discontinued colors).
  4. Yup, for Bal leather it needs to be used, loved, abused, given TLC before it really reaches the ultimate smoochiness level :love: With constant use the leather does turn softer and not as (for a lack of a better word) hard as a new bag.

    For most people, I think colors play a very very important role in whether or not people buy used bags. Even the slightest variation of color from a different season could turn out totally different after continued use.
  5. and also, each season have variety of leather type... even different colours from teh same season are different...
    even so, the SAME colour in the SAME season are still different :P
  6. i love brandnew bags since there's no problem regarding the handles turning dark, the leather turning yellowish....saves me a lot of worries :smile:
  7. I normally love brand-new bags, but my 3 Bbags are pre-loved. Mostly it's because they are colors that are impossible to find new (one's 04 and another is 05), but it's also because the Bbags I've seen in stores IRL were not that impressive, leatherwise. Each bag is so different!
  8. I am too scare to buy them from ebay...knowing my luck, I probably end up with the fake bbags :wondering . So I vote for new bbag.
  9. I know some ladies here (myself included) have had WONDERFUL experiences with Ebay. Just be extra careful and send the link through the "Authenticate This" link above and generally it should be alright. Of course, exercise caution, but don't let the negative aspect of Ebay dampen your Bal hunting!:yes:
  10. I've bought new and used and love both. I buy used when I am looking for a specific color....right now I'm on the hunt for an indigo!
  11. I bought all my b-bags new. I like to go to the shop touch them try them on etc...But I had to buy online to get the colors I wanted even though I prefer far more to see them IRL.

    I would love to get a 04 or/and 05 bag with the thick smouchy leather everybody is talking about but most of them are sold from the US and the whole customs/tracking issue bothers me. I don't want to end up paying an extra 40% for what is really a used I hope a wonderful opportunity will come along.
  12. I never thought I would ever buy an used bag until I met bbags. It really helps if you buy from a fellow pfer, too - cause they have taken really good care of their bags and are trustworthy. My recommendation is to buy used only from them!
  13. Only reason I buy used bags is for the colour. I buy only used bags in almost mint condition – no darkened handles or bad scruffing. I have paid much more than retail for an elusive colour when the condition is great.
  14. Thank you, everyone, for your resourceful inputs! I've never purchased a pre-owned bag before... it will defnitely be a new learning experience. Wish me luck! :P
  15. I never thought I would actually buy a "pre-owned" bag before I fell in love with Bbags. But the two that I've purchased were from fellow PFers. The bags were in brand new condition. Even though I love Bbags, I still don't think I would buy a bag that is in beat up condition, handles have darkened, has an unpleaseant odor, and with stains or marks on the leather.