Pre-Owned B30 Rose Pourpre- what to find out before I buy?

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  1. 641245A2-2907-4413-85DB-4FD140BEBD1E.jpeg Hi all, a very reputable private seller reached out to me when I expressed interest in a B30 Rose Pourpre. It is beautiful and I most likely will get it. I have never bought anything pre-loved before. What questions do I ask? Anything I should look for in particular. She sent me pics of bag and videos ! IT looks to be in excellent condition but does have a scratch on the resin up top. Is that something I can send to spa to get fixed? Thank you for your help in advance!

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  2. as per my pm
    The advice will always be get a paid for authentication
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  3. I would suggest step 1: getting a paid authentication. is viewed as the gold standard by this forum.
    She also gives buyer consultations, so should she find the bag authentic, she may be able to advise on spa.
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  4. Agreed! great advice!
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  5. Do you think if it is authentic and has a little scratch it is worth paying $11500 for? I just looked at my receipts from buying birkins abroad at hermes and they are like $8500 or less for B30
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  6. Get all of the photos needed for authentication, and get it authenticated by Bababebi.

    Study the photos, make sure you are ok with the condition.

    I am very sensitive to smells, and I always always ask the seller about any smells the bag may have as that is super important to me and cannot be seen in photos.

    Make sure it comes with the full set, box, dustbag, packing, raincoat, etc. It's important to some to have all of this.
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    Hello superbhave! I am in a similar wish spot as you. I have a milestone birthday this year and my absolute HG bag is a 32 Kelly anemone with palladium hw in Togo, clemence, Mysore (anything but Epsom) or a 30 birkin with the same exact specs. I live unfortunately far away from any boutique, so my build a relationship with an SA is likely too hard and I’m impatient :P. So after much thought I’ve decided I may start looking on secondary market (much rather buy from H, as I want a brand new mint bag and for the experience, but I don’t know how likely that is). I fainted when I saw anemone come back. so the time is now! I don’t want to overpay, but I figured the lovely people on the forum might point me in the right direction. I’ve read all the reseller threads, authentication will be a concrete requirement, but I’m stuck. I’m a research junkie actually, so I’ve done my homework. And travel to Paris right now to try is not possible. Just wanted to chime in and see if anyone has any thoughts.

    and btw, I LOVE your choice of the RP birkin - that is my second HG color choice!! That is a beautiful bag you have found! Good luck, I will be curious to see how it goes for you. Please keep us posted!!! And no odors is a must too isn’t it!! Not to mention as in perfect condition as possible.
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  8. Are you a physician and live in the US? If so I might be able to help you out!
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  9. Thank you! Sent a message to you. :heart: