Pre-Orders - how do they work?

  1. The quilted bay is the first bag I've ever been interested in pre-ordering from Neiman Marcus. How does that work? If I pre-order, am I guaranteed to get one? When do they charge my CC? If it says, ship by May 7th, does that really, really mean it ships around May 7th? TIA
  2. They charge you when they ship it out... and you're on a list! They're also taking reserves at the BG store (i see you live in NYC)
  3. ^ Thanks D & G. I can't get to the store, but I called, and they said they would take the order over the phone, but that I wouldn't get an email confirmation. I really want the email confirmation.

    Does anyone know if I improve my chances or if I lower my chances to also pre-order at BG? I don't want to make them mad and then have them cancel both.
  4. BG (the store) can ALWAYS ship for you. And i think the quilted bay bags there are expected later on this month.

    They might get them sooner than the online store.. it doesn't hurt to put your name on the list for both as cancelling is NEVER a problem!
  5. ^ Thanks again, D & G!
  6. The date part is not a firm thing. If the merchandise is ready BEFORE the date posted (which is the last possible date to ship) it will be sent and your card will be charged. Sometimes I wish that the stuff will come later to give me more time!