Pre-orders For Fall Bags At (pics)

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  1. Fendi

    B. Mix Large Tote $ 1070



    Chef Tote $ 1930

  2. Not crazy for either of these :sad:

    I want to see some new Spys!
  3. New baby spy! $1280
  4. The baby spy is cute!
  5. I'm not crazy about these either -- they look like they're greasy.:confused1: The baby spy is cute, but I would really like to see some color for f/w this year.
  6. Totally agree--I want to see a really nice, rich-colored, non-neutral Spy *fingers crossed* :rolleyes:
  7. I agree Liti, cannot wait to see what new spys will be coming out. Always think the Winter collection is the best collection
  8. ^--- Saichy! You'll have time to recover before the winter spies come out. I'll have to race you on line for the next Spy purchase -- I'm due! teehee
  9. I never thought I would hear myself say "I really hate this spy"! But - I really hate this spy - and it's over $6k wtf
    Multicolour Spy.jpg
  10. I think that is the reason it has been hanging around since 2005--check the shows and you will see that is an OLD bag!
  11. Thanks for the info, First time I've been on the Saks website. Never bothered before seeing as they don't ship internationally - don't want to see all these goodies that I just can't have lol.
  12. That spy was on sale on the Saks website a few months ago at nearly half the price.

    Riffraff ship to the UK, if buying from them heres a tip use your American Express card then its easy.
  13. Yes, it was indeed. I noticed that a couple of weeks ago because I had it in my shopping bag during the last big Saks was more than 60 percent off..then it was sold out and now it's back. I actually called and mentioned that this bag was on a final cut price months ago and asked if I could still get it for that price and they said "no" :sad:..oh well...I will wait for it to go back down. I think it's actually beautiful IRL...craftsmanship is exceptional.
  14. Oooo Many thanks Saich. Hmmm methinks I need to go for a browse :graucho:
  15. I was lucky to buy this spy when it was 60% off a few months back. I paid $2416. It is a beautiful bag!! I love it. It doesn't make sense that it is now full price again.