Pre-Ordered Items Policy

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  1. Ladies, before you order anything that is "pre-order" (wow, they are putting that in the description now), please read the new policy:

    I would like to POINT OUT TWO things:

    "When will I receive my preorder item?

    Items that are preorder items are marked with the following text in their item description: This is a preorder item. These items generally have a two-month delivery window. Closer to the time of delivery, an estimated delivery date will be posted on the item page. In the meantime, your order serves as a reservation for quantity of this item. You will be notified via e-mail closer to the delivery date, and then upon shipment.

    Does this mean that they will order the items when they have enough orders from everyone? That could take months...???

    "Why do you offer preorder items?

    We offer preorder items to give customers the opportunity to see and reserve items from our upcoming season which may be produced in limited editions. Because there are many factors involved in producing a high quality leather handbag the delivery date cannot always be pinpointed except within a window of time.

    Um, I still don't like this. It sounds like this leaves a lot of personal discretion up to HH- which means if they don't get enough orders for X, they cancel the order. Reviewing HH's past history with (FAILING) to communicate to customer's the status of orders (esp. those that were cancelled due to non-production), this does not make me feel comfortable ordering anything "pre order."
  2. "Have I been charged?

    If you purchased by credit card, your card has only been temporarily authorized for the purchase amount. This authorization is a temporary hold which will expire after several days according to your bank's policy. After that point, you will not be charged until the items arrive in our warehouse. Then your card will be authorized again for the order amount, and charged upon item shipment.

    Because of the nature of Paypal payments, we receive payment for your order at the time your order is placed

    I do like that they are spelling out what they're doing now instead of just charging us and us thingking that the items are actually in stock. Every "backordered" item that I've ever waited on from HH was charged immediately whether I used paypal or a cc. Glad that will no longer be the case with cc's any longer.
  3. Me too... I am wondering what brought about all of these sudden changes??? I wonder if they ran into some legal trouble?
  4. It could be that, plus they've been called on some of their practices by their customers. As long as things were being delivered in a timely manner it wasn't noticed but when delivery was being drug out for months they were being examined more closely and getting complaints.
  5. I think you can get dinged by cc companies & possibly paypal if you have a certain number of chargebacks and complaints.

    I think it's good to have the rules explicit for both sides. Also pleased that they are callign them preorders and not back orders.
  6. i noticed this preorder policy too. personally, i like that they're being upfront about not knowing exact arrival dates of merchandise. they say that they'll try for two months and i think that's better than stating one date and then perpetually pushing it back.
  7. Holy vague. I won't be preordering anything unless it is deeply discounted. I know that sound slike a copout but I don't want my money floating in space in the great unknown unless i know what's happening.
  8. Yes, I still think that it is somewhat vague... Once HH places the order, then it will be 2 months for pre-orders. However, when, and IF HH places the order, is not up to the customer, it is up to HH.
  9. annam, if you use a credit card, they don't charge you until the item is in stock. i think i'd be tempted to do a pre-order if it was heavily discounted too -- i'll be sure to use a credit card.
  10. As long as they are upfront about it, I don't mind the pre-order policy at all. HH is a small independent business, and if this is how they need to get things produced, it's ok by me. I mean, you can still cancel a pre-order.
  11. Agree saccharine, better to have some kind of policy clearly spelled out than what has been going on with ordering thinking something is in stock but delivery is pushed out endlessly.

    My interpretation of the policy, Bri, is that HH is only making a set number of some items and you're putting your name in to get one of them. I don't see it as HH waits to place their order...that may be what happens but I don't think that's what they're saying here. Some of the things they have made in the past have been limited editions and if you don't get on the list you'll miss out.