Pre Order the Steady from Delcina

  1. i just received this from delcina
    i dont know whether this has been posted or not

  2. me too!! cant wait!!! i think i like the stone one!! have to order it!! :smile:
  3. awwwwwwwww yeah! What's the discount?
  4. Well look at that...just in time for my darling boyfriend to get me a wonderful Valentine's Day present!

    I love that bag, but I don't love the price tag. I can't wait to see what their "exclusive savings" will be!
  5. im not sure what the discount will be, this is all it said in the email.. i guess we'll have to wait till 2/13
  6. are there any other pictures or anything like that?
  7. ^^ nope, it doesnt say how we're suppose to order either. has anyone experienced pre ordering from delcina? :confused1:
  8. Is there a link or anything?
  9. ^^ the link took me to the homepage, the email address that sent it to me was
  10. well when they were pre-ordering gerard darel bags they sent u a special link for pre-order. but u have register first so they can send to you.. they dont really give u any info until that day. u can def email the websire directly if u want to know what the prices will be.
  11. I like that stone + orange combo, but I'm not sure how I feel about that style - might be weird to get in and out of. Is anyone going to get it and be the guinea pig for the rest of us?!