Pre-order list, guaranteed a bag?

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  1. Just wondering, if you are on a list for a pre-order with a Bal boutique, are you guaranteed to get those bags? Have seen a few bags I wanted slip by from other sources because I was on pre-order list, but now I'm wondering if that was a smart thing to do. :thinking:
  2. maybe it matters how many bags they get and how many people are on the list.. would they order more on the first time if there are more people on the list? :thinking:
  3. Also depends on your SA, sometimes they forget to call you (mine at Bal NY completely forgot to call me for my GGH Pourpre pre-order).
  4. i think depends on what number you are on the list...if they run out of the bags before they get to you i dont think they even call you anymore...but i think it also depends on your relationship w/ the SA. One time I was in BalNY and the SA told me that Black GGH were very popular and so many people were on the list for it that I had no chance. But a week later I got a call to come in to see the new Black GGH City, they actually had 3-4 pcs in the who know how their system really works?
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