Pre-order items?

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  1. Hi everyone, I was wondering if you know about pre-orders...when HH had their 50% off presummer sale I ordered the euc. Kira wallet and it said it wasnt available until 7/1...I have not recieved any information about the shipment of this and on the HH site it says it was shipped on 6/18...but the UPS site says "billing information recieved"....I live in NJ so HH stuff usually comes pretty quick...does anyone have any advice?? thanks
  2. I have something that I bought on the last 50% sale that I'm getting the same messages on - it was supposed to be available July 2 I think it was and a few days ago, I checked the tracking and it said it had been shipped like 2 weeks ago, but all the tracking says is that the info was received. I don't think it has shipped at all - I'm in CA and it never takes for than 7-8 days to get my stuff by ground shipping. They're still offering the item for sale so I'm assuming they are expecting a shipment.
  3. I had an order of three things that were back-ordered until July 1st as well. I have been living in Germany, so it was supposed to be mailed to my APO. Well, last week, we found out that we would be leaving Germany mid-July for good, so I needed to find out about the order. I was told that they were still waiting on part of the order, but they thought maybe it would go out this past week. They then did a tracking number right away, but it is still showing only "Billing Information Received" like yours.

    Anyway, I am guessing that they started putting together their UPS labels in anticipation of the shipments of backorders (which they can do because I'm sure they know how much each bag and box weighs), but haven't gotten all packages actually put together.

    Their Customer Service is usually good about finding out what is going on with your specific order. If you're really curious, I would just give them a call or email.
  4. I called and asked about this for something I was waiting on and they said they are still waiting on the shipment and they were just getting everything ready in the system.
  5. wow ok thanks! glad im not the only one