pre order gucci

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  1. how does the pre order thing works on gucci site. sorry for the silly question i am asking. i understand that they have a certain shipping date but once the preorders are filled do these bags get sold out and disappear from the site or are they still available after that particulr shipping date. i am eyeing the sukey and the ship date is sometime in june but at the same time i am double minded and want to wait for the sale. should i jump the gun and order it or should i relax an see if i dont like anything on the sale and maybe order the sukey later. i hope i am making sense
  2. Sukeys don't normally make the sale but it's up to you.

    I would wait until it says 'your item is available' because why should you pay for something month(s) ahead.

    Very occasionally pre-orders fulfil the sites quota which is what happened when I waited to buy a lizard wallet for my BF. I had to track one down at an airport - so much work.
  3. I would wait too - I wouldn't preorder months in advance. However I highly doubt the sukey will go on sale in May/June as well. It still is very popular unless if they come out in a not so popular seasonal colour/design (like the boston bags in pastel), then those could go on sale.
  4. Hmm I'm pretty sure they don't charge your CC until it ships. If you want to wait for the sale, I would hold off on the pre-order. It will likely not be on sale though. However if the sukey is your first choice I would get it now cuz whatever you buy during the sale (if at all), you'll always still want the sukey. kwim?
  6. I've never preordered an item off the site, but from what I understand, sneezz is right. Gucci won't charge your CC until it ships - at least that's what I've experienced as well.

    According to their payment policy on the site:
    "The transaction will be charged to your credit card only after we have verified your card details, received credit authorization and confirmed stock availability, and your order is ready to be shipped. Your credit card will not be charged at the time you submit your order but will be authorized for $2 for verification purposes."

    For something as popular as that bag, it might not reach the sale. I tried that with the last bag I got, and they sold out fast! I had no choice but to take the risk of finding it on ebay.