Pre Order from LVR

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  1. For those of you that preordered a paddie from LVR (with shipment for March 06) has anyone received their bag yet or any information about when the bag will be shipped?
    I am getting worried because I just checked and the choco paddington is showing as available!!:worried:
  2. yeah, but I got mine early. a few days after it showed available I got a shipment notice.
  3. I have a choco on its way from LVR. I got my shipment notice on 3/3 and fedex is scheduled to deliver on Monday. You may want to send them a follow up. Dont worry, i'm sure yours will arrive soon but I would send them a follow up just to make sure.

  4. spot, i ordered mine way back in jan and have no shipment date yet and they're so slow recently with email!:cry:

    tod, when did you order yours?
  5. I ordered mine in early Feb. Can't remember the exact date though but it's been a while back.

  6. I just fired them an email-let's see how fast they answer. who's the SA you're dealing with? i've had several. recently, it's cristina.
  7. yeah, just got an email from LVR that my bag was shipped Mar.3. it's scheduled to arrive Mar. 7! can't wait! actually i was getting tired of waiting!
  8. Woohoo!! I got am email from them saying that my bag was shipped out on Friday 3/3 for delivery on 3/6, which is today!.

    When I went to the FedEx site it said that there was a "shipping exception" and that my bag is stuck in Tenn. as of 2:15am this morning. Anyone know what that means? Does that mean it won't be here today?
  9. I had a shipping exception but it was over in Italy - it had missed the deadline of leaving the facility or something but it was a short delay. Yours could be something different though. Did it already make it thru customs?
  10. On FedEx it says that there is a "Regulatory agency clearance delay" in Tenn. (I live in FL)
    It says that the "package was available for clearance" on 3/5 when it got to Tenn. Does that mean it is stopped in customs maybe because Tenn. was where it came in to from Europe?
  11. Its possible. Have you ordered from LVR in the past? If not, did fedex contact you to fax in some paperwork?
  12. No, this is my first time. FedEx hasn't contacted me yet. do they deliver the same day once you fax the paperwork back to them?
  13. Next day - the papers they send to you is so the item can just pass thru customs without getting held up. I think my item was somewhere over the atlantic when they had me fax in the paperwork
  14. Hmm...FedEx says my bag has been in Tennessee since 2:30am this morning and it still says that it is being held up. I wonder if that is why. :worried:

    I hope that they call tomorrow so i can fax them the paperwork, so I can get my bag. I'm so anxious to see what it looks like. After hearing from all of you ladies how some paddies are better looking than others I'm getting nervous. I have a noir paddie and I guess i got lucky because it is wonderfully slouchy.
  15. Same here, Cristina.