Pre-Order for Timeless Clutch in Caviar

  1. I just got a call that we can pre-order the Timeless Clutch in Caviar from NM. Lisa said that the price is currently $895 and she is not sure if it will go up due to the price increases, but will let me know as soon as they hear.

    Call Lisa Hamlin at (248) 635-8442 if you are interested.

    I am really considering this one! For those who own it, how do you like it? What color do you have? Any input is really appreciated! TIA!!!:love:
  2. Jag! I have this clutch in black caviar white caviar and more recently silver python - its a great bag you will love it black one is a bag u can carry for day or night. really good price. go for it.. I searched the entire world for my boss to get him one for christmas - and would u believe i got one december 22nd! mustve been the last one! (ps it was for his wife who also lurves chanel !
  3. Thanks so much for this info! I just called Lisa and pre-ordered. I have been wanting this bag for a long time!! :yahoo:
  4. I have the black caviar and I love it. I know a lot of people were waiting for these, so I'm glad they're getting them back in.
  5. OMG Tammy, is there any way you could post a pic of your clutch? I really want to see the caviar!!!
  6. Which one exactly is the timeless clutch...and do they have it only in caviar? what are the colours that are available?
    Thanks you guyssss x
  7. Jag, I didn't look back at this thread for a couple of days, but here's my caviar clutch.

  8. I am pretty sure the price of the timeless clutch is going up on February first.

    It was available in caviar leather and distressed calf(?) leather and distressed patent leather. The colors available were black, cream, violet, navy (that I can remember). :yes:
  9. its also available in python and i have seen a pic of it in peferoated yellow leather!
  10. Which is cuter the black or the cream?
  11. OMG Tammy I LOVE that clutch! IT is so gorgeous! Thank you for posting the pics! You are too sweet!
  12. You're welcome! I know you'll love it if you get one.:love:
  13. Love the clutch! I bought it in black caviar and a bluish grey caviar. Just ordered it today in black perforated calfskin ($1125). The perforated is new for s/s 2007. Also will be coming in red perforated.
  14. How does the black python look like...can anyone post pics of the python version of this any colour please? Thank you
  15. In fact can you all post your pics please awbrat may I see your blue grey one..thank you.
    Soni you too please xx
    Im getting one but Id love to see pics first thank you.