Pre order fendi at NM online

  1. Neiman Marcus has some pre order fendi bags that incredible. Theres a couple i got my eye one. More colorful. Fendi definately is gonna rock this fall
  2. I pre-ordered the shimmer baguette in gold/black. Can't wait for it to arrive!
    I had a hard time get the pic from the NM website. The larger pic is the silver version.
    _7074215.jpg NMV15SN_ag.jpg
  3. I like those. Are these new for the f/w season or were they already out n just being brought back
  4. No idea. I've been away from Fendi for a while:sad:
  5. quick update. I pre-ordered the shimmer baguette in gold/black but then decided to try the gold/silver version. When I went for a fitting for a wedding I'm in (bridal party dresses are black) I opened the box of Jimmy Choo shoes I had ordered months ago for the occassion. Totally forgot what they looked like, but when I saw them and realized they were a champagne shimmer I decided to get the Fendi silver/gold baguette to carry for that night. It arrived today (Saks had it in stock, every place else was pre-order). I am beyond thrilled! I absolutely love it and will keep the gold/black on pre-order. I like it that much. Some quick picks (haven't even taken all the wrapping off) before I head back to work. First is without flash, second is with.
    010 (1024x683).jpg 008 (1024x683).jpg
  6. It's a gorgeous, bag!! You will look stunning! Thanks for sharing! :heart: