pre-new year's plan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! get those brains going!!!

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  1. - Which bag will you be taking to countdown?

    If you're not counting down or going out on NYE...

    - Which will be the first bag you'll use in 2007?

    comon everyone!! :drinkup::drinks::party:
  2. We are just going to some friends' home so I will not be taking out my LV. I'll probably still be using my mandarine Dhanura on 1/1/07.
  3. im hving a hard time between my belem PM, ribera, and my CB pap................
  4. My silver pap is coming out with me...but I think I'm going to be giving it a rest as of the new year. I'll be switching to my multicolore lodge pm as of the new year.
  5. miroir gold pap!
  6. None! No LV. I was carrying a yellow Coccinelle to match my dress!
  7. i only went to my mom's to feed her cats before the new year- i am so wild- and brought my damier speedy 30.
  8. Took my Speedy 25 to dinner and a movie with my DH. I've been more into Coach lately, so he was surprised to see me with a LV. He said, "Isn't that a nice bag to take to the movies?" Gosh, just when you think they don't notice a thing, LOL.
  9. i took my belem to universal studios for the countdown..
  10. I took my mono speedy 30 to my grandpa's house and had dinner, and then left to visit my grandma, and family. But we got home at 11, and my speedy went to sleep already! But she is ready to go shopping tomorrow.
  11. no LV bag during NYE celebrations for me. copious amounts of alchohol + LV = bad idea. i just took my black Epi p.cles securely hooked to my jeans for cash and cards. the first LV i'll use for the new year would most probably be my Mono Glace Bobby.
  12. i think i'll CB pap to grandpa/grandma's wedding anniversary dinner tomorrow night....
  13. i'm going to use my fluo reade (just for fun) tonight to go to dinner... :lol:

    but technically not the first bag i'll use in 07...i'm using my fave westwood for day :p
  14. Today I will use my mini lin speedy....but we will probably veg out at home watching movies with the family since I'm going on my 13th hour of work (only 3 1/2 more to go!):rolleyes:
  15. Well I took my mono speedy 30 to the grocery store this morning so it's my first of 2007.