Pre-natal Vitamins?

  1. Is everyone taking them?
    I just started, and they are so YUCKY! :throwup:
    The ones I got are really stinky. Did I get a bad batch or are they all smelly?
    Babydust to everyone!:idea:
  2. I am taking them, dr's orders. Yeah they all stink. I just chug a lot of water with mine.
  3. I thought they all stink and tasted like sh*t until I got the prescriptive ones from my dr. It's vanilla flavor, but cost me $45/30 pills with insurance. If anyone is interested, the brand is Prenate DHA.
  4. ^^ I take Duet DHA prenatals and man are they expensive! And yes, they taste AWFUL!!
  5. hmmmm....I take Stuart and they don't smell at all. Plus, you only take them once a day!
  6. It's actually the vitamin B that is so stinky, so technically they all stink. The vanilla is added to try and cover up the vitamin b odor. (pharmacist here ;) )
  7. are the prenatal vitamins very different than regular multivitamins??
  8. They are specially formulated with the right amt of vitamins and minerals necessary to facilitate, keep and nourish a pregnancy.
    They have much higher doses vs. your average multivitamin.
    Dr's usually recommend to start prenatals once trying, but it's a must to take once actually pregnant.
  9. I was sick enough dealing with HG so I wasn't able to take pre-natal vitamins regularly. My doctor told me to take it as much as I could and put me on Iron supplement but didn't take it as well. I drank milk like crazy throughout the pregnancy and eat fruits that my stomach can/will take. My son was born healthy in spite the lack of all the vitamins.
    Congrats on the pregnancy!!
  10. I tried some OTC prenatals from target...omg, they smelled like dirty hippie. (hehe...sorry!) I LOVE my perscription ones...Primacare One...big purple pill, slightly grape flavored. I take mine at night with my dinner, never had upset stomach issues.

    Luckily my insurance isn't too bad...$10 for 30 pills.
  11. Mr Dr actually had me get ones from CVS and not a prescription for now. He said if and when I get pregnant he may decide to have me get a prescription.
  12. ^^ same with me. I am taking OTC ones, My Dr. said when I get pregnant he will prescribe some.
    But, Boy are they YUCKY! And I swear they make me have upset stomach.
  13. ^ I take mine with my dinner and no upset stomach.
  14. Take them on a full stomach or at bedtime.
    Morning is the worst time to take them, most nausea and vomiting occurrences.
  15. What's the difference between prenatal and a multivitamin that has 100% folic acid, b vitamins and calcium?