Pre loved versus new

Jul 18, 2007
Southern California
Hello ladies, I need your help. With the price increase its making me crazy to think what Louis to buy before the increase. I would love to get a Neverfull but don't want to get the one Made in the USA. I live 3 miles from the manufacturing plant so it's a little weird. I plan to buy one on a future trip to Europe. In the meantime I am torn between getting the toiletries pouch 26 and using it as a clutch or getting a pre loved Sac Coussin. They are both MIF:smile::yahoo:
The Sac Coussin is more practical, nice condition (9years old) and the "clutch" is new, and since there isn't vachetta it will look new for a long time. There is small price difference. The thing that bugs me is that the seller of the Sac Coussin had a $ or OBO. I offered a lower price and they came back stating that they could only accept the full price. It kind of bugged me since she gave the "Or Best Offer option" she should have left that out or countered me with another price.

What should I get? TIA :biggrin:


Aug 15, 2012
I have the toiletry pouch 26 and specifically bought it with the intention of using it as a clutch (which I have many times!!) and using it for toiletries when I travel (as I already have a cosmetic pouch in DE). I would suggest go with the toiletry 26 if you haven't already! It's 2 in 1, you can't beat that! :yahoo: