Pre loved Mono Speedy 25 or Pre loved EPI Speedy 25? Or both?

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Which bag should I keep?

  1. Mono Speedy 25

  2. EPI Speedy 25 (Vanilla)

  3. Keep Both!!

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  1. Pre loved Mono Speedy 25 25
    Pre loved EPI Speedy in Vanilla

    I just purchased both bags from ebay, I recieved the mono speedy 25 this Monday and I actually not in love with the bag. One reason is, the bag seems too small for and the bag opening is too small to fit anything. Plus since this pre had an odor... much like old books. Other than that the bag is in good condition. I have until next next monday and decide if I want to return or not. Because I actually want a mono 30 now.

    Secondly I purchase the Epi Speedy 25 in Vanilla, I heard the Epi speedy 25 is bigger than the mono speedy 25 but smaller than 30, is that true? I haven't receive the bag yet but hopefully it will come before thursday or friday. So I don't know if I would like it or not.
    This is the link to my bag

    What do you guys think, so i keep both? or return the Mono speedy?
  2. yes, the epi's are a bit bigger so it will be about 27cm. i looooove epi over the moo print tbh with you. i'd keep the epi
  3. Especially with the latest price increase I would keep both..
  4. Decide when you get the epi speedy. I would return the mono speedy though.
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    I have the Speedy B Mono 25, Speedy B Mono 30 (I find the 30 to be a bottomless pit and I carry so much in my bag as it is) and have just purchased a 1993 Kenyan Fawn Epi Speedy. They are all quite different and serve very different purchases, and I love using them all equally.

    Due my propensity for wearing loudly patterned and clashing prints and lots of textures, I don't find the Mono print too much... I rather like that it has these varying shades and patterns of dark and light of deep chocolate and mustard (on the canvas) and deep, rustic, honey tan (on the strap, handles and side strip).

    Compared to the clashing textures and prints I like to wear, the Mono appears subtle and restful to me!

    However, I also adore the super-calmness and simplicity of my new-to-me Kenyan Fawn Epi Speedy 25.
  6. Okay the way I read it, you already don't want the mono speedy 25 so I wouldn't even entertain keeping it. Return and get a 30
  7. Updates, I kept the epi speedy and got a preloved speedy 30 and indeed it was much bigger than the speedy 25.... I can easily access my stuffs without struggling through the small opening!!! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1401581144.524615.jpg
  8. Congrats! Love the epi!
  9. Congratulations on your new speedys :smile: I never knew about the size diff between epi and mono so thanks for sharing as I learnt from it