Pre-loved Instant Reveal and a Question

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  1. Hello all,

    I got my pre-loved Saumur 30 today and being this my first ever pre-loved LV, I was glad that the condition of the bag is good. She sure is not perfect but I only got her for under $280 with shipping included. So I'm happy about that. :biggrin:

    Quick question: I love her and I know she will be treasured just like my other LV's. I was wondering if you guys know how much is it to replace all the leather trimming on this bag? The leather are a bit worn off and as you can see in my pics, one buckle has a broken or starting to break leather tab. Not bad, but I don't want it to break even more. The canvas on this bag is perfect though.

    So here she is...

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  2. I also want to add that is I'm not mistaken this bag is 10 years old. Date code: AR0992 (France 9th week 1992) Correct me if I'm wrong.
  3. lol... 1992? that was almost 20 years ago, right? :P
  4. Oh yeah, 20 years LOL.
  5. I think it is Sept 1992... prior to 1997 they used months instead of weeks.

    This 20 yr old baby will look brand new if you replace all the vachetta! I'm sure it will be a few hundred dollars though.
  6. Oh really? I didn't know that. :smile:

    Do you know how much would it be to replace all the vachetta? I want to do that, but I don't want to pay way too much. I'll rather buy brand new.

    I called LV an they told me they want to see the piece first, I live about 1.30 hours away from LV store.
  7. Sorry I meant prior to 2007.... lol.. we're all aging so quickly we're losing track of decades!

    I think it's worth the drive out to the LV store to have them give you a quote for the leather replacement.
  8. LVoe it congrats :woohoo:
  9. love my will too I'm sure!!!
  10. I think your Samour looks great! I would keep it just like that , it's a classic and has an even gorgy patina :smile:
  11. Congrats! I'd estimate the replacement to be around $200 at most.
  12. lovely
  13. LOVE saumur!!!!

    Yeah, the bag is almost 20 years old! I would think that it would be more that $200 with all of that vachetta. Isn't it usually a little more than a third of the price of the bag to have the vachetta replaced...I'm guessing it would be closer to $400 or more...just guessing, though.

    Honest opinion? I would sell this one and either get a newer one or a new one. I just bought mine new, but I've seen ones in EXCELLENT condition pop up on the bat and sell for only 6-700!