Pre-Loved hard to find VCA

  1. Recently learned of Briony Raymond, a treasure hunter and jewelry aficionado specializing in bespoke creations, rare super color diamonds and fine estate jewels, as well as VCA hard-to-find preloved.
    Wanted to share some pics:
    IMG_1488.JPG IMG_1489.JPG IMG_1490.JPG IMG_1491.JPG IMG_1492.JPG IMG_1493.JPG
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  2. She's great to work with.... she was my SA @VCA in NYC until she left
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  3. I have also worked with her and can attest to her warmth and kindness. Any idea what the pricing is on the vintage VCA?
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  4. No, but she's very responsive; even on IG.
  5. Typically vintage Alhambra is close to (or above) retail.
    Diamond pieces tend to sell for less.
    Vintage Alhambra is still risky (pre loved) because the replicas have become so exact. Fleurettes and frivole designs have been replicated.
    Very reputable resellers have been duped.
    I would encourage anybody who buys pre loved to have VCA authenticate the piece. It will take time but it's the only way to be 100% certain. Even VCA SA's (current or former) aren't qualified to authenticate.
    There is a process and it includes running serial numbers.
    Should you request a brand new COA you can obtain one (but it's expensive). This is what tends to scare people off.
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