Pre-loved Exotic reveal!

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  1. I wasn’t planning on an exotic but since they’ve stopped production I did consider for a split second but nothing caught my eye. Then this baby popped up at a consignment store last week.
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  2. Whose up for a reveal?
  3. Sneak peek
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  4. Here
  5. Whoops got sidetracked. Back to the reveal!
  6. Here she is! :loveeyes:
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  7. Python boy in old medium
    69222B98-E8A0-469C-8961-5DD44EE2439D.jpeg 6961C7FC-1501-4C17-93EC-32B1D8676B07.jpeg
  8. With flash
    A3D9F14F-DF11-4E64-9BCF-05C264575D1F.jpeg 00BCD637-EF71-454F-BB2B-52AB06B3B374.jpeg
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  9. Beautiful!!! Enjoy her!!
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  10. I just cleaned her with Angelus leather cleaner/conditioner Reptile/Exotic skin formula and Angelus leather conditioner for exotic and naked leathers. Funny thing is I asked a friend to pick up some leather conditioner for me last month and he accidentally bought ones for exotics so I had this lying around. Lol
  11. Very unique piece. Congrats and enjoy!!
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  12. Unique boy
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