Pre loved Epi speedy from Yoogis ?

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  1. Hi everyone!! I saw a Epi speedy on Yoogis that looks to be in pretty decent shape for an 18 year old bag. My question 's are .... Do you think its worth it ? Or wait to see if LV brings back the Epi speedy ? Also , do you get your items from Yoogis authenticated on here before or after you purchase them ? Thank :smile:. BTW...never purchased pre loved before :smile:
  2. Always get preloved authenticated prior to purchasing for peace of mind. Also, I have heard that yoogis sometimes have fakes, so more the reason to ******************.
  3. I have never heard of Yoogis having fakes, but ******************. I have two old speedys and love them. I do think its worth it because even if they bring them back (haven't heard if LV will) they will be much much more expensive!!;)
  4. Wait. Maybe new epi speedy will come out. I would love if they released it:biggrin:.