Pre-loved Chloe....

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  1. I noticed these day pre-loved chloe's are selling at what people paid for it or a little less. What do you think is a fair asking price for a pre-loved bag? What would you pay?
  2. Me too, Ali! I don't think that selling too close to what was paid is right. But it all depends on demand, too. Honestly, I would not buy a pre-loved bag for more than 1/2 of the retail. I have pre-loved bags I'm considering selling and if I did ebay, the reserve would be 1/2 the retail price.
  3. I recently bought a pre-loved paddy for $1300. Black 2006. I love, love, love it.....

  4. Awesome, Anniea! Enjoy it!!! Do you mind me asking what was the retail price? Or do you know what the seller paid?
  5. It's always hard to figure out a fair asking price. For instance, a brand new bag with tags, I think the seller should be able to expect to get retail back or even more if it is a hot bag! If it is pre-owned, that all depends on teh condition of the bag, how popular it is etc. Look at some of the B-bags, those go for retail despite being pre-owned, or even Hermes- sometimes preowned birkins sell for above retail. It's all supply and demand.
  6. Thanks for all of your opinions. I was just curious on everybodys take on whats a good deal for pre-loved bags.
    I guess it just depends on the individual purchasing the bag. I personally have a hard time paying more than 50% of the retail price when I can just add a couple hundred and have a brand new bag.
  7. I agree that if it's NWT and it's the current season, then definitely close to asking is fair. And honestly, if you CAN get more than that because the demand is there - I think that's great, too :yes: After all, sellers need to eat, too!

    But if there was a bag that I just HAD to have, I might not get a used bag from another seller and instead just go directly to a store and get a brand new (hopefully) one there.

    I guess some of us buyers are looking for bargains when we see "pre-loved" bags for sale. So for me, about 1/2 of retail is a good starting point, plus or minus $ based on how much I really want it and how much I have to spend!
  8. ITA!!! I would not want to spend close to retail for a pre-owned bag! In fact, I have avoided them for just that reason! It's just after seeing what goes on with ebay, and how some sellers are able to get close to retail for used bags, I am just baffled by it all. but then, I know someone who paid close to retail for a used bag- although I thought she was nuts- she had been looking for this particular bag forever and it was no longer available in any store, especially in the color she wanted! WHen she found it- she just had to have it!
  9. Now, that I can understand. When you absolutely have to have a bag that cannot be found then one shows up I see paying top dollar to get it. I'm confused when the bags are still available and people are asking and paying almost retail.
  10. I also like to look into Ebay express - seems more secure as far as authenticity, processing claims of misrepresentation, etc. I just got this Red Chain Betty for $505! If it's not the real deal I have 7 days to return, no questions asked! Woo hoo! :yahoo:

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  11. But for the rest of us buyers, I think we just love a GREAT DEAL! That's what fuels us! Knowing that we got a coveted bag NWT for 50% off retail gives us an incredible rush and can even get us to BIN!
  12. ^lol... this is the true
  13. Make sure you pm me with a heads up when you do then... :graucho:
  14. It depends... some chloe are no longer produced so it can probably sell it close to retail even. It just depends on the needs. I will go all out on a bag that i really want, used or mint :yes: It's already a deal if it's coveted, and if it's a low price then a steal too!!
  15. Amen! Especially to get a bit of that older yummy leather!! :nuts:

    New Chloe's can't touch the 05 or even 06 leather no mater the price!:yes: