Pre-loved Celine bags - maintenance question


Jan 4, 2015
Chicago, IL
So I am on the fence about buying my first Celine (Micro-black) pre-loved from a reputable site. Before I do, I have a couple of basic newbie questions for you ladies. The handbag I'm considering is in 'excellent condition' BUT I am very picky and if there is anything small-ish to clean/repair, I would probably spend some extra money to make it as near perfect as I could.
- Are you able to re-register your pre-loved bag with Celine or do they not allow that? Sorry, I only have experience with LV where I have purchased directly from their store, so I would be the original owner.
- Are you able to take your pre-loved handbag for cleaning/maintenance directly to Celine? Will they take it? Is it awkward to say "hey mine is pre-loved?" I'd like to hear about your experiences if any.
- If going to directly to Celine for maintenance is a no-go, who/how/where do you go for maintenance?
- As an aside, will they sell you a missing dust bag/parts or is that a no go as well?

Thank you so much! I appreciate the insight!
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