Pre-loved Cabas Alto or Mono canvas shopping tote Sac?

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  1. I am torn between the pre loved LV Cabas Alto and the Canvas Shopping Sac tote..I love the Cabas Alto's size but I am afraid of the bottom of the bag because of the cowhide leather and keeping it from getting dirty..or do I go for the Canvas Shopping Sac tote which does not have that issue?? Is there a big difference in size?? Any suggestions?
  2. One of my lovely vendor's is a LV collector and she came in last week with the Sac Plat. She usually carries a Galliera or a Speedy 25. I was pawing and drooling all over it and I told her that I have always been intrigued with this bag and asked how she uses it. She told me that she uses it for her laptop and paperwork! It worked amazing for these two items (great structured piece) but since I carry neither items, I still don't know how it would work as a normal bag.

    I didn't answer your size comparison but hopefully this will assist you somehow!
  3. Thanks for the information..I plan on using it to travel and also to use for work (bringing paperwork, shoes, lunch etc..) I don't usually carry a laptop around I do agree that it is a great structured piece but I also like the longer handle on the other two bags...thanks again
  4. I own a Cabas Alto and Love it. I don't worry about the bottom at all. As it aged it just got better looking. When I first got it I was concerned over the bottom. But I think having the leather bottom made it sturdier. I've had it for 8 years at least.
  5. I can't comment on the size but my neighbor got a pre loved Sac Plat. She uses it as an every day bag with wallet, cles, sunglasses, and other essentials. I wouldn't say it is a very roomy bag because of the narrowness but it seems to work for her as an everyday bag.
  6. Just wanted to point out that Op is asking about the Sac Shopping, not Sac Plat.
  7. Thanks for do you keep the bottom of the bag clean? Do you use any products?
  8. I have owned both the Sac Shopping and the Cabas Alto. Sac Shopping comes in two sizes, MM and GM. The Sac Shopping GM is closer in size to the Cabas Alto. Sac Shopping GM is 23" wide and the Sac Shopping MM is 19" in width. A few differences between the bags:

    *Cabas Alto requires more maintenance. Not a problem is you purchase a LV Vachetta Kit from Lovin My Bags.

    *Sac Shopping straps are a little bit longer than Cabas Alto. 14" vs. 12" (approximate).
  9. Oops sorry...that's what I get for not reading the whole thing.
  10. Cabas alto gets my vote!
  11. Thanks so much for all that helps me a lot..I think I am going to try a Sac Shopping tote going to try and search for the bigger one GM... wondering if they are easy to find pre-loved..
    Wish me luck!!
  12. I don't use anything. I just let it naturally tan. All the spots I got on it in the beginning are gone because of the tanning