Pre-Loved BE's...Would you buy?

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  1. ^^ TropicalGal, I PM'ed you.....
    I agree that you are way safer buying a BE rather than say, a Marc Jacobs or BBag on ebay, simply because BE isn't faked by the evil counterfeiters. And yes, the likelihood that the seller is a purse forum member is probably very good :smile:
  2. I specifically inquired about this bag and asked the seller if she is a Purse Forum member. If she wasn't, I had no intentions of pursuing it further.
  3. I would buy a pre-loved BE.
  4. YES! I bought pre-loved from one of us and I would do it again.
  5. Me too.:yes::hugs:
  6. I would definitely buy a gently used bag! But I don't think BE is as insanely overpriced as some of the other brands, so I don't have a problem paying the regular price, either (keeping in mind that I only buy a few bags a year).
  7. I'm quite particular about getting things second-hand, even though it maybe in pristine me anal!! :nuts: