Pre-Loved BE's...Would you buy?

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  1. Both my SM's (aqua large and glossy tan medium) were pre owned but you'd never know it. Both are in brand new excellent condition. I have no qualms about a pre-owned BE. I absolutely adore my aqua SM and if it wasn't for a tPF member selling it, I would have lost out. Oh, this transaction took place over at a yahoogroup, theitbag.
  2. I absolutely would buy a pre-loved BE bag if it was a good deal. 3 of my bags were loved by other members and they are still terrific bags. :smile:
  3. I would prefer to buy my bags on Ebay. Why not? The bags usually sell for 1/2 off retail and I usually can tell who the seller is. I've sold loads of bags on Ebay, and those people got fantastic deals.
  4. heaps of my bags are pre-owned ... but almost all but a balenciaga one and a chloe one were used less than a handful of times ... id def see it as a great way to get a hot bag!
  5. Absolutely! My LM is pre-loved (though barely) and I have a brand new BMM on the way - both from ebay and both from two of the nicest sellers you can imagine.
  6. I am totally for buying pre-loved bags, especially from tPFers or other loving moms...if they're in good condition, I see no probs with it!
  7. Yes, with contingencies. I prefer new bags like the one lccsue just won on eBay for half its original price ~ what a steal, and a huge congrats to lccsue!!!
  8. wish there were MORE on ebay...the one I'm interested in, in particular is Dc'd so t he only way I will get it is from ebay!
  9. Congrats, lccc, you scored some awesome buys on ebay! Wish I was that lucky!

    Though I've never bought a bag on ebay, I'd have no hesitation buying from a tPF member, whether new w/tags or lovingly used. If you gals are lovin' BE, you gotta be taking care of your babies!
  10. Don't lose hope, there may be some BE ladies making space in their closets for new models ~ just keep checking!

  11. Oh I am! :graucho:
  12. For those who want or need a petrol SM, there's one on ebay right now.
  13. ^^ Gone! I am so relieved...tempting!

  14. Thanks very much, I was really shocked that it went for that low of a price, especially since it is new. By the way, the seller is a fabulous gal - she was very friendly and I got a tracking number right away. Now the torture as I wait for the package to arrive.

  15. Oooh, I was looking at the Be Mine Mini -- in Matte Black, right? Please post a review when you get it. I'm dying to know if it is fab or not. I was looking for a little "ladies who lunch" purse. The seller said she found it too, do share your reaction and post a modeling pic? Thanks and Congrats.

    P.S. I've never bought anything off ebay...but I think I would buy a BE is such an unknown brand and probably bought by one of "us."