Pre-Loved BE's...Would you buy?

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  1. Hi Ladies! I'm noticing that there's beginning to be a secondary market for Belen Echandia's... as ladies buy...then use a bit...then sell. I'm seeing them pop up on ebay and on Ann's Fab Finds.

    How do you feel about buying a pre-loved?

    As for me, I definitely am interested. I'm in the college years with my kids...and I insist on being a chic "older" mom. Belen Echandia makes me happy!
  2. i think it depends on the bag and the wear. but i wouldn't say no to the right combination of the two
  3. I started collecting with bags from 1900-1940, so used was never a problem. With Hermes, I started with used bags, since the new ones were too spency at first.

    I'd definitely buy a used BE if the bag was what I wanted and the price was right.
  4. Yes I'd definitely buy a pre-owned bag in good condition - I would quite like the fact that someone else had broken it in for me!
    Have never used ebay though (either in the UK or USA) and don't want to get involved in doing so, but have bought a new bag from a shop in the States before, so I'd have no qualms about using somewhere like Anns Fabulous Finds if she does international shipping.
    As long as there's plenty of photos, an honest description of the bag and the price was right, I'd go for it!
  5. As long as it was in good condition and wasn't fully worn/broken in yet I would. Just a couple times. I keep seeing some on ebay (especially the last black IY that I had to resist because of the sellers bad timing lol), but don't buy because I'm waiting for mine to come first.
  6. Absolutely, I would consider it! (And, I usually can use my detective skills to sleuth out the original owner LOL! :graucho:)
  7. I have and would buy and sell BEs on ebay. The nice thing is that the community is pretty small so sellers and buyers are usually PF members.
  8. I absolutely would consider it! I think that most women would treat their BEs with care to begin with as they seem to attract ladies that really value a quality leather bag. I also think that more people are going to discover BE bags in the future so more people will be looking for a great bag at a good price.
  9. I have bought 3 pre loved BEs and won't hesitate to buy others as long as they are well taken care of and still in great shape. Sometimes, you can save a lot buying them preused.
  10. I would never hesitate buying a BE from a TPF member for sure. I know we all care for our bags dearly and as long as the buyer has the love/passion for the bag, would not even blink on it!
  11. I would definitely buy a pre loved BE. When I see them on eBay I automatically assume they are tPF members and I know most of the girls here treat their bags like gold. We all obsess and worry over what bag to buy and when you spend that much time, thought and money on a bag you better believe it is going to be well taken care of.
  12. I would as long as the bag was in new/mint condition. Based on the way my BE bags break in, I like the way they look pre-breaking in, and I love doing that myself!
  13. Definitely. I have sold a few bags on ebay that were either brand new or barely used for MAJOR discounts. There are many more like me out there, if you are careful and do your research!
  14. Yes! The two shown in my avatar are both pre-loved & purchased through Ebay from fellow tPF. The wine SM was new & the petrol TMA was mint. Who better to buy one from (if you're going to go that route) than from a fellow PF'r.
  15. I WOULD LOVE TO BUY A PRE OWNED BE! In fact...that's probably the only way I'm going to be able to get my hands on these babies for awhile...