Pre loved beauty

  1. I received a while ago a preloved beauty that I wanted for ages.

    Presenting suede sludge Bays


  2. What a beautiful bag! Such an unusual colour as well, very nice!

    Also - I really like your cardigan/jacket, I've wanted one like that for ages :smile:
  3. The lemon and grey look lovely together. I never used to like grey but now I absolutely love it. It's such an easy colour that goes with everything.:smile:
  4. Thank you!
    It is a mousey grey suede and really gorgeous.
    Jacket is from Zara:smile:
  5. Gorgeous K & a great find....... Congrats honey xx
  6. That is lovely, Loveheart! She suits you so well! Gorgeous :smile:
  7. I did have a bays clutch in that leather and color before and it was really great. Sold it though a few years ago, but that is one of the few bags I regrett to have sold.
  8. Tx, another bag in my ever growing collection.
    Downsizing my bags to get more Bals doesn't always work lol:graucho:
    Bayswater is such an iconic bag. I fell inlove with it again 3 months ago, after being bored with it for a while.
  9. Hmmmmm. Mulberry usually think of lovely names for their colours (rouge noir is my favourite - red onion's so evocative - who could resist flame?) but they have let themselves down a bit by describing a colour as 'sludge':p I think mousey grey is much nicer!

    That's a beautiful bag Loveheart, how cool to have a Bays that is out of the ordinary. Is it light to carry? - it looks as if it might be
  10. She is indeed a little lighter than my oak printed bays, and more slouchy too
    Sludge is indeed not a name for such a beauty
  11. Yep - that description almost makes Farrow & Balls "Drab" sound appealing!!... :roflmfao: - what a lovely bag, and that shade of grey (iffy description aside) is absolutely gorgeous and so luxe - love it Loveheart!!!
  12. By the way, on the subject of colour, has anyone checked out the Red Onion Bays(Plemont, are you still there!!) that naughtypidgins nest has for sale at the moment - it is amazing.....:faint::amazed:
  13. Lovely Bays! Looks great on you!
  14. Beautiful bag, it's gorgeous, and such a versatile colour :heart: I'm lusting after the emerald green suede Bays clutch from the same season on eBay, but it's a bit exxy :rolleyes:
  15. What possessed them to call such a beautiful bag....Sludge!?

    Gorgeous LH....carry it in good health