Pre-Loved bags..where to find them?

  1. Hey all :smile:

    Besides ebay and let-trade, any other websites that are trustworthy?
  2. poupetteluxe?!
  3. yup, Poupetteluxe, also Mrs. Troppo's site (which I cant remember the name, but you can google it easily).

    Another one is PISA (a HK site).

  4. Can this website be trusted? I see the postings from a certain seller selling the same soufflot on poupetteleluxe adn ebay.. which makes me wary.. and the price on ebay is higher..
  5. They probably just want you to pay more on eBay because of the relevant fees. Not sure if you pay fees on PoupetteLuxe.

    Their website looks really....@$$-tastic, lol :roflmfao:

  6. LOL yes you are right.. but the consensus is they are truthful and real bags?
  7. It really makes me crazy to buy from Ebay because "you never know"
  8. If you're going to buy on eBay, you need to do your research. Read Fashionphile's guides and Angie's guide from Mypoupette. There are many reputable sellers on eBay, but it takes time and patience to sort through the listings. You can do an eBay search with "vuitton poupette" and "vuitton mypoupette" to start. Use the "Authenticate this..." thread here on this forum too! The bottom line is, you have to be responsible for learning as much as you can about LV and that takes some time! :smartass:
  9. On eBay, I mainly check out items from let-trade, lvlady99, authentic_lvlady, 57and5, lv.authentic, etc. Those are all either MPRS or just very reputable sellers who always have lots and have sold lots of authentic LV.
    As for Poupette Luxe, there are some MPRS sellers on there as well, I know for sure that you can trust items being sold by "poupette" (obviously) and "interesthing".

    The PISA site for HK has lots of good stuff, but the prices are ridiculous!!
  10. There is, of course, also the option of applying to the TPF marketplace...that would be a great place to find pre-loved bags and feel more safe about buying online!

  11. I haven't been here for 4 months :sad:

    I wish I could.. I'm dying to get into The Marketplace :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop:
  12. Careful though! There are alot of fakers putting MPRS in the title and who are certainly far from being that.

    Don't base the secure buying criteria solely off of this one facet. Do your research, review their feedbacks, and post pics in the Authenticate This Sticky for added assurance! With tPF, you'll always get an honest, effecient answer ;)