Pre-love Neverfull question

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  1. Okay so I never really considered a Neverfull although my girlfriends have been dying for one. I happened to see a monogrammed Neverfull at work. It had purple interior and the ladies initials and I fell in love!! Purple is my favorite color. So my question is, can you buy a pre-loved Neverfull and take it to the store to have it monogrammed, or do you have to buy it brand new that way?
  2. LV will put initials on a preloved bag. :smile:
  3. I assume you mean mon monogram? I thought that you had to have it specially ordered and they all come from France, so would have to be new I think? You could always phone CS and ask :smile:
  4. Does anyone know the cost of monogram?!? Maybe I should do that too :smile:
  5. If its a mon mono, I didn't think they can paint it after. You can have your initals heat stamped on it but I don't think they will paint initials on the front...
  6. Oh whoops my bad.. Thought you meant initials on the leather...
    As others said if your talking about painting the canvas LV won't do that on preloved ones.
    You must order new.. Sorry for the confusion..
  7. Oh yeah! As above... Unless you mean initials stamped onto the leather? I've had that done to preloved items before :smile:
  8. Yes the mon mono is what I am referring too. I want want want! I just got a Prada Saffiano so me and my husband are going to have to have a family meeting about this one. I have a feeling its going to be wife 0 husband 1.
  9. It would have to be ordered new. With the new NF's the pouch is also monogrammed so you actually get two piece with the initials..!