Pre-increase cure....I hual the entire store! ^_< many pix!!

So i returned the Exotic Aquarelle after realized i was only chasing the hype...thought i'll save the fund for vvn & vernis alma, but boy was i wrong! After driving to nearest boutique that's 1 and half hour one way, i've lost my mind, thinking i might aswell clear wish list before price i had this poor SA flying across the boutique showing me A, B, C, D.....

The end result is quite satisfy, 2 wonderful SAs each carry 2 large shopping bag to my car, such a head turner scene lol:supacool: also thanks to a lovely PFer for helping me w/pegase:woohoo: BF thought Pegase was the only goodyi take back, little does he know all the yummy stuffings inside:angel:
DSC00352.JPG DSC00351.JPG



Gettin jiggy w/it!
Aug 25, 2006
OOh, can't wait to see what ya got CC! I like the idea of buying a suitcase and packing it with all kinds of goodies! lol


Dec 31, 2007
By the sea in SD...
Classic Chic, this is going to be good! Can't wait.

Also, I'm glad you were able to trade in the Aquarelle with a whole slew of other things you wanted! Well done, you!
i sold the tivoli gm during X-mas, was thinking about monty while driving, but as LV godess has blessed me, the boutique just put her out, so she is back in my collection again! plus all the huals are Made in France:lol:

any one know those spike thingy on azur keepall's shoulder pad is a new design or always been like that? will they hurt if the keepall gets loaded?