Pre-Holiday Sale (Nov. 17)...Check out my purchases!!

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  1. Hey guys! I'm was so excited that I woke up 5:30 in the morning to get to the
    Pre-Holiday Early Bird Sale @ MCX (marine exchange) that starts at 7 a.m!!!!
    Anyway, I woke up everyone and hurried to the store. When the doors finally
    opened my husband savaged his way to the front cutting people cause I told
    him I wanted a scarf and I knew there was only one left (i went the night
    before so I can see how many things are in stock) so I told him to head
    straight to the glass box to grab it and I'll get my purses. Anyway, long story
    short my husband bought me 2 purses, keychain locket, scarf, wristlet, and a
    mini skinny. Oh and I convinced my mom to buy a Coach bag and shoes hehe!
    Here are pictures and the savings. Everything sold in military exchanges are
    already 20% off the MSRP and tax free but for the SALE, Coach products were
    an extra 20% off! The prices below are how much I paid for them! i had to
    return my other Carly I bought couple weeks ago so I could get the discount
    cause they don't do price adjustments or whatever it's called.

    Black Sig Carly 10619 $223.19
    Choc Sig Ergo hobo 11290 $171.99
    Bleecker Sig Wristlet 40895 $63.19
    Hamptons Sig Mini Skinny 6K25 $27.19
    Sig Locket Keyfob 92191 $31.19
    Gallery Patchwork Scarf 98273 $25.59

    My Mom's:
    Sig Gold Studded Gallery Tote 11505 $229.59
    Katelyn Gold Sneakers *A1166 $79.99

    *not too sure about style #. its on the box but when i looked it up in the
    drilldown it didn't show up.

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  2. By the Coach Heart Luggage Tag on my Black Carly was from the Coach Boutique not the marine exchange
  3. AHHH i love military PXes....great prices on everything and you got some LOVELY items. I am so happy for you!!!
    Is your husband a Marine, or are you, or both? :smile:
  4. You got some amazing pieces! Wish I knew what a military exchange was and where they were even located. Great deals, enjoy them!!!!
  5. I think it is so cute that your mom is going to have shoes and a bag that match!!
  6. guancia, they are located on military posts around the world, it is basically like a department store.
  7. Beautiful purchases.
  8. Wow!! Great Haul!! Do all military bases have these? Sorry if these are stupid questions but I seem to be totally lost in this case!:shrugs:

    And if they do, can anyone go?:girlsigh:
  9. All military posts have a post exchange (PX) of some type...Marines and Army/Air Force differ some but they are all basically the same idea. They don't sell food there --- that is the Commissary, but they sell other goods like video games, c lothes, electronics, and usually have Clinique counters, etc.

    You can't just walk onto a post - they are secured and check ID's and license plate numbers and unless you have military ID of some kind it will be very tough to get on given our current state of world affairs (and FPcon - force protection condition, it states how restricted post access is).

    If you know someone in the military, though, have them go check it out for you ;) and visit the class six while they are at it ;)
  10. Wishful thinking on my part. :s I'm afraid I don't know anyone in the military... Thought I was one step closer to a coach "store".... Oh well, I'm glad our finest have access to it.. If anyone deserves it, they do!:drinks:
  11. wow you did great, thanks for the eye candy!!! :drool: :tup:
  12. TY!
    And just so you know, they don't always have all the selection, so don't worry. You aren't totally missing out!!!
  13. Congrats on the haul!!!
  14. Wow, nice haul, I love the studded gallery tote and matching sneakers!!!
  15. Thanks everyone! I got my mom ADDICTED to COACH!! hahaha, she's all blaming me and saying she's gonna be spending a lot on coach. Now I know what to get her for christmas. Here's a few more pictures....:P

    Answers to the questions:

    -My husband is in the Navy but working on the marine base.
    -Not all military exchanges have the same Coach items, but I've notice the Marine and Navy exchanges have better selections of Coach. Also, they carry most of the latest bags and accessories but not all.

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