(pre-)Happy Birthday to me - Reveal!!!!


Mar 21, 2013
Germany, but soon Ban Island :)
Hello Ladies,

normally you find me at the Chanel forum, but for my upcoming birthday tomorrow I decided - regarding bags - to cheat on the double C and go for my first Louis Vuitton bag :graucho: (well, I couldn't resist to stop at Chanel, too, as you can see in the pic - in the Chanel shopping bag are my first Chanel ballet flats in beige with black toe cap)

So I searched through the forum and the Louis Vuitton official website to look which bag it should be... and fell in love immediately when I saw this beauty... So I called my local Louis Vuitton boutique in Munich if they had this bag in stock - and they had!! Yesterday I picked her up...

So who's ready to join my reveal?

PS: If you ever come to Munich, you have to visit the Louis Vuitton boutique there - it's really a must!!! three floors only LV, and it's interior is so luxurious done up :love::heart:


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