(pre-)Happy Birthday to me - Reveal!!!!

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    Hello Ladies,

    normally you find me at the Chanel forum, but for my upcoming birthday tomorrow I decided - regarding bags - to cheat on the double C and go for my first Louis Vuitton bag :graucho: (well, I couldn't resist to stop at Chanel, too, as you can see in the pic - in the Chanel shopping bag are my first Chanel ballet flats in beige with black toe cap)

    So I searched through the forum and the Louis Vuitton official website to look which bag it should be... and fell in love immediately when I saw this beauty... So I called my local Louis Vuitton boutique in Munich if they had this bag in stock - and they had!! Yesterday I picked her up...

    So who's ready to join my reveal?

    PS: If you ever come to Munich, you have to visit the Louis Vuitton boutique there - it's really a must!!! three floors only LV, and it's interior is so luxurious done up :love::heart:

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  2. Here!!
  3. Here~
  4. HERE! :woohoo:
  5. so...

    ... any guesses??

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  6. the LV store in the Emerates Mall, Dubai is one of the best I think
  7. Thanks for joining!!!
  8. Speedy?
  9. my only complaint of Louis Vuitton is the lack of pockets. Does any one agree?
  10. no :P
  11. Is it an Ellipse? Going on the size /shape of box??
  12. Presenting without further ado:

    Miss Alma BB Vernis in Noir Magnetique :heart:

    I love it!!! And the combo of black with the dark hardware looks sooo beautiful


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  13. no ;)
  14. gorgeous!! congrats! love your chanel flap as well!
  15. Thank you!! But I didn't get a Chanel classic flap, I got shoes, ballet flats ;)