Pre-fall reveal - HG bag!!!

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  1. #1 May 2, 2016
    Last edited: May 2, 2016
    Okay okay okay - I'm going to try and contain my excitement so this post isn't too annoying but OMG.

    Brief backstory - I've been saving up for one of the 'classic' bags for awhile, and keep getting distracted by seasonal bags and WOCs. Then on eBay recently, I saw the bag I'm saving for in a color/HW combo I'd never seen before, and this made me revisit whether I wanted the bag in black (which I'd been planning on).

    Just to put it out there, I texted my SA a pic of the eBay bag and told her to give me a heads up if she ever saw it again. I figured it would probably be years if ever.

    And then on Saturday she texted me with a pre-fall bag that literally just came in and if possible, is even better than the eBay one. I literally cannot believe the timing of this. Who's around and wants to see?


  2. I am excited!
  3. I'm here!!!
  4. :snack:
  5. Alrighty then!

    Breaking her on out...

  6. ️ palpitations.....

  7. I'm here!
  8. I'm here!! SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!
  9. 🙈 ready!
  10. I love the retro / sketch look of these dust bags...


    If you squint hard, you can see the chain....
  11. How exciting!!! I can't wait to see! ✨✨✨
  12. Here too!!
  13. Any guesses?

  14. chevron double flap?? black lambskin gold hardware?? OR (EDIT) the black on black reissue?!?
  15. Guessing chevron classic or reissue as well!