Pre-Fall Purple/Red in MINI FLAP?

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  1. I know these colors will come in E/W, M/L & Jumbo sizes. How about mini flap?

    It's not available in Canada, how about the states? Can someone help me to check with the 1-800 #? It's not working from here. TIA! :heart:

    I've been wanting a colored mini flap with CC lock & interwoven chain for a long time. :girlsigh:

    P.S. - What is vintage lambskin? What's the difference among the regular, glazed & vintage? Which one is better in terms of long-lasting?
  2. Canada is not getting red...AGAIN? UGH why do we always miss out on the good stuff?!?!
  3. Is the red and purple in lamb or caviar? Uh oh, it's time I go check the pre-fall intel thread LOL!
  4. i want to know too, i want a red jumbo in caviar. I'm crossing my fingers now. :graucho:
  5. I spoke with Chanel 1 800 today and there will be no caviar other than white and black. There will be a lambskin purple classic flap in all sizes; the red is a darker red. There will lots of patent over goatskin. (Am clueless what that looks like.)
  6. Thanks Thanks jmen! :love: I know there's no caviar this Fall. But good to know about the purple/red will be in all sizes.

    Would that means all the boutiques will get the Mini (A35200) size?
    How about those department stores?
  7. Oh, this sounds so pretty! A mini in violet-purple would be perfect. Even thinking about this topic has me starry-eyed... :love:

    I can't wait to see the pics when girls start to get their purple lamb flaps in a couple of months :nuts:
  8. Please ladies. Please let me know, if you find out which boutiqes are going to get the Mini in purple/red! :tender:
  9. wow...i'm excited to know too, wuld love to have a mini purple flap too even though i have a red mini vintage flap....LOLL
  10. a mini in purple sounds super cute!