Pre-Fall & Fall 2008 2.55 ("reissue") Intel

  1. More intel on Pre-Fall and now Fall 2008 2.55s

    The Pre-Fall 2.55s I originally heard were striped. What I'm being told is it will be tone-on-tone stripping. So black will be available in metallic and non-metallic stripping. Also, I think they said silver will be available in metallic and non-metallic stripping.

    For Fall 2.55's I don't know the leather or the hardware but I'm told that the colors will include black, purple, rose, and grey.
  2. I hope that the grey looks a bit like the anniversary reissue, I loved it and missed it
  3. *rose* ~ :love: ~ uh~oh! ~ it's gonna be ret met fever all over again! :sweatdrop: ~ thank the lord for your intel *smooth*
  4. wahhh i'm hoping for some leather madness and not metallic or i'll have to cruise through the season again.. :girlsigh:
  5. thanks for the intel mon! :flowers:

    i am having a very hard time imagining the striping...
  6. Uh oh (: I, too, was hoping for something gray, something purple but certainly not striped. Sounds gimmicky and not at all practical, beautiful, let alone classic. Here I thought the metallics missed the mark by a long shot and now stripes. The gods must be crazy. . . (A really funny movie but not funny for Chanel.)
  7. ^^the striped 2.55s are for PreFall only.

    I don't know the leather or treatment of the Fall 2.55s yet, only the colors I listed above (black, purple, rose, gray).
  8. when will these be coming out? and pricing? thanks!
  9. Thanks for the fabu intel!
  10. I had a feeling there will be a gray coming out. Thanks for the intel!
  11. :goodpost:Will the Fall 2.55s be in metallic or non-metallic? I hope non!

    Grey and purple.... :love:
  12. ^^I do not know the leather, treatment, or hardware of the falls 2.55s - only the colors.
  13. thanks for posting, mon!:ty:
  14. i want a grey one!!!!! thanks mon!!!
  15. Thanks Monica!