Pre-Fall Collection at NM

  1. Jeanee Bugatti Bag, Large $1970

    Medium Vinyl Cannage Polochon $1190

    Suede Cannage Polochon $1390

    Cannage Frame Bag $1890

    Buckle Hobo $590
  2. thanks for posting these pictures fashion guru!

    the jeanne large bag looks interesting, but i think my bank account is going to be getting a good rest looking at these bags and the ones from the cruise collection. *phew*

    i'm also tickled by the fact that the large jeanne's price is comparable (or lower?) than the evening jeanne bags.. that's just.. crazy!
  3. I agree zerodross, the bags are nice but they're not worth the money. There's nothing as creative and different like the Detective or Lady Dior lines.
  4. I dont really like most of the recent leathergoods besides the runway jeanne bags. I think Dior is going for classic chic look this season .. which looks very nice with all the outfit but i think the bag itself is more suited for mature ladies :sweatdrop:
  5. ^^ maybe it's a sign that we should all just divest our money into the sweet romantique/trotter romantique lines. :graucho::graucho:

    the upshot though is that i can picture most of these bags (the larger ones) as a weekend/overnight bag, which is a pretty nice touch since there really aren't that many dior bags out currently that are big enough as a weekender.
  6. ooo, I love the Cannage Frame bag and the Jeanne which I really disliked before also looks rather nice.
  7. i luv the vinyl cannage!!
  8. NO THANK YOU ! :yucky:
  9. i like the Medium Vinyl Cannage Polochon
  10. That's what I thought when I first saw them, especially the vinyl cannage polochon, that it would make a great overnight bag/luggage.