Pre-fall chain around messenger mini

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  1. Ever since I saw the chain around messenger bag back in 2011 in an episode on gossip girl, I've been coveting this bag! I have always missed out on the opportunity to purchase. From the prefall list, it looks like it's making a comeback in black and blue. Has anyone seen pictures of the CAM mini for the 2014 prefall collection? If so, can you kindly post?? Would love to hear from the experts!
  2. I'd suspect they'll look just like the have in the past, and if you do a search for CAM bags, you'll come up with tons of them on here! :smile:
  3. Thanks Tutu! I haven't been searching for the CAM bags with the same vigilance as I have with the minis so im glad to hear that there is an abundance of them. I can't wait for the prefall blue CAM bag! I asked my SA to order it for me so will do a reveal whenever I receive :smile:
  4. They were released last year as well. There are many threads here from all of the various years this bag was released. Just type CAM into the search box. :smile: