Pre-fall bags at NM San Antonio

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  1. A huge shipment arrived today at NM San Antonio. To name a few...
    *Jumbo Timeless Classic in Lambskin w/ Mademoiselle Lock and sheen in black, also available in brown and burgandy
    *Sharpey in black
    *Bubble Quilt with a flap in brown
    *Jumbo Timeless Classic in Caviar w/ Mademoiselle Lock in black and white w/ new chain
    *8 Knots Clutch in Black

    I can post pictures later this evening if any wants me to.
  2. ooh!PLEASE post pics..Im lookin for a brown bag....
  3. I'll post pics of all of them this evening
  4. I'd love to see the Jumbo Classic in burgundy and brown. Can't wait for the pix!!!
  5. oh the burgundy is only available in lambskin...will they be getting a caviar in burgundy?
  6. Thanks for the update.....looking forward to pics!!
  7. Can't wait to see!
  8. Looking forward to seeing the pictures!
  9. Yes amour only in lambskin you are correct
  10. Can't wait for the pics??? :nuts:

    I really want to see the brown and burgundy!!!!
  11. thanks in advance!!! i'm excited.
  12. Thank you!
  13. Here are some pics, the brown and burgandy one did not come in this store today:sweatdrop:. I know everyone wanted to see those. I did see the brown in a NM mailer today and it is gorgeous!! I know they are going to sell quickly.
    IMG_1384.JPG IMG_1385.JPG IMG_1386.JPG IMG_1387.JPG IMG_1388.JPG
  14. thanks for the pics!
  15. Here is a pic of the brown jumbo lambskin that is in the NM Mailer