Pre-Fall 2019 - Two New Bags (Aby day bag & Annie chain-link bag)

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  1. Aby
    Aby 00011-chloe-paris-pre-fall-19.jpg Aby 00027-chloe-paris-pre-fall-19.jpg Aby 00031-chloe-paris-pre-fall-19.jpg Aby 00032-chloe-paris-pre-fall-19.jpg Aby 00037-chloe-paris-pre-fall-19.jpg
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  2. Annie
    Annie 00005-chloe-paris-pre-fall-19.jpg Annie 00006-chloe-paris-pre-fall-19.jpg Annie 00015-chloe-paris-pre-fall-19.jpg Annie 00034-chloe-paris-pre-fall-19.jpg Annie 00038-chloe-paris-pre-fall-19.jpg Annie 00045-chloe-paris-pre-fall-19.jpg Annie 00046-chloe-paris-pre-fall-19.jpg

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    Chloe C
    00001-chloe-paris-pre-fall-19.jpg 00002-chloe-paris-pre-fall-19.jpg 00003-chloe-paris-pre-fall-19.jpg 00016-chloe-paris-pre-fall-19.jpg 00020-chloe-paris-pre-fall-19.jpg 00023-chloe-paris-pre-fall-19.jpg 00026-chloe-paris-pre-fall-19.jpg 00029-chloe-paris-pre-fall-19.jpg
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  4. Tess
    00019-chloe-paris-pre-fall-19.jpg 00022-chloe-paris-pre-fall-19.jpg 00035-chloe-paris-pre-fall-19.jpg 00040-chloe-paris-pre-fall-19.jpg

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  5. RTW & Accessories
    00004-chloe-paris-pre-fall-19.jpg 00007-chloe-paris-pre-fall-19.jpg 00008-chloe-paris-pre-fall-19.jpg 00009-chloe-paris-pre-fall-19.jpg 00010-chloe-paris-pre-fall-19.jpg 00013-chloe-paris-pre-fall-19.jpg 00014-chloe-paris-pre-fall-19.jpg 00017-chloe-paris-pre-fall-19.jpg 00018-chloe-paris-pre-fall-19.jpg 00021-chloe-paris-pre-fall-19.jpg
  6. Cont'd.
    00024-chloe-paris-pre-fall-19.jpg 00025-chloe-paris-pre-fall-19.jpg 00028-chloe-paris-pre-fall-19.jpg 00030-chloe-paris-pre-fall-19.jpg 00033-chloe-paris-pre-fall-19.jpg 00036-chloe-paris-pre-fall-19.jpg 00039-chloe-paris-pre-fall-19.jpg
  7. End.
    00041-chloe-paris-pre-fall-19.jpg 00042-chloe-paris-pre-fall-19.jpg 00043-chloe-paris-pre-fall-19.jpg 00044-chloe-paris-pre-fall-19.jpg 00047-chloe-paris-pre-fall-19.jpg
  8. Both the Aby and the Annie have piqued my interest.
    Chloe just does effortless chic so well.
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  9. Eaiting for Aby and Annie :heart:
  10. Ooo the Aby and Annie are lurrrvely. Not sure about the new Chloe C bag, doesn't look boho enough for Chloe!
  11. Thank you for posting. I really like Aby, may get it if it comes out in right size, not too huge on me.
    I hate C bag though, my Coach looks better and more sophisticated with exactly the same C.
  12. I agree about the C bag. Doesn’t say “Chloe” to me at all tbh. It isn’t classy and it isn’t the lovely boho, effortless chic of the brand we all love. What a shame!
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  13. Love ❤️ Especially the snakeskin boots.
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  14. Love ❤️ Especially the snakeskin boots.